Clients & Scope of Activity

  • It is essential that we begin with a suitable survey and study the requirements but, where there is a need for large volumes of potable water that is free of coli, EIP can deliver such a solution. This study can be undertaken at short notice.
  • Clean water is one element of a puzzle, but distribution of that water, maintaining the quality and integrity of the water, dealing with the sanitation problem, and the power to run all of these things are the additional crucial elements that complete the picture and provide a sustainable solution that will stand the test of time.
  • EIP can also provide state of the art water filtration, best-in-class pipeline implementation technology, and waste management, water treatment, sanitation and waste to power solutions.
  • EIP can do this on a rapid basis, deploying modular systems within 6-7 months of agreement and handles all aspects of system configuration, deployment, operation and maintenance.
  • EIP is led by experienced professionals and the company can scale its team rapidly.
  • EIP can deliver all of these propositions via cost-effective and economically attractive Managed Service Solutions, in exchange for appropriate contractual parameters, longevity and guarantees.