For the betterment of society

  • The world is in dire need of effective and clean solutions that manage scarce resources efficiently, eliminate waste, provide energy, deliver sanitation, and provide large volumes of potable water for growing populations.
  • These are the issue areas where we can achieve the greatest impact on quality of life. They are inextricably linked: For example, lack of sanitation leads to water contamination, water-borne diseases fill hospital beds and harm men, women, and children who would otherwise lead happy lives as school students, families and productive members of society and the workforce.
  • At Energy Investment Partners (EIP) we invest in and develop cutting edge technologies to drive real change in all of these areas. We work with the best partners and practitioners, from scientists to sociologists and energy professionals to engineers. We integrate all key competences from financial to technical, and we work with all levels of government and society.
  • We first seek to understand the problem(s) at hand with a comprehensive survey, then prepare a study and the recommendations that form the basis of a system specification.